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Water Flosser for Teeth — Is It An Effective Oral Device For You?

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Water Flosser for Teeth — Is It An Effective Oral Device For You?


“Water flosser” is the common name for an oral irrigator. It comprises an electric motor, a pump and a specialised nozzle. This dental care device uses a fast jet to release water between your teeth and gums. It eliminates bacteria, plaque and bacteria hiding in the edges of your gums. 


Importance of flossing

Have you ever considered how much gunk is resting between your teeth after you eat? It is a common misconception that brushing your teeth every day is enough to maintain good oral health. Brushing can never take the place of flossing. You can brush three times a day and still have leftover food lodged at the base of your gums because the bristles of your toothbrush can’t reach between your teeth.

Australian Dental Association emphasises greatly on flossing and recommends it as a regular practice from the age of 2 years. Flossing improves the overall appearance of your teeth by preserving the brightness that is lost if the plaque builds up.  


Do you know that 3 in every 10 adults in Australia suffer from moderate to severe gum disease?  

Periodontitis and other gum diseases require innumerable visits to the dentist and may cost you a fortune. It can only be avoided if you pay attention to your oral hygiene. Flossing also prevents receding gums, loss of jaw bone and early tooth loss. 


Do you know your oral health is also connected with your heart health? 

Interestingly, maintaining dental health leads to a better chance at life. There has been a lot of debate over this in the past couple of years. While some studies showed less connection between the two, experts could not fully dismiss the fact that it is one of the factors contributing to poor heart health. 

flossing importance health oral castle hillThe blood contains agents that respond to inflammation in the body, including the gums. These agents weaken the heart and cause heart health to decline. 

Dentists always pinpoint tooth decay as the root of most dental issues. Cavities that are left untreated, cause damage, leading to the loss of teeth. There is no way to reverse the damage caused by tooth decay however, flossing is one of the best ways to wash out the tiny particles stuck in your teeth and prevent decay.

Bad breath can affect your confidence levels; how relieving it is to know that practising regular oral care gifts you with fresh and odourless breath.


Manual vs Electric water flosser for teeth

 Research has proven that a water flosser is 29% more effective than manual floss. You must have noticed threads of blood becoming visible after you use the traditional manual floss. The bleeding can be severe if you have tooth and gum sensitivity. The nylon and plastic material used in the production of traditional floss irritates the gums, causing more harm than good. 


Benefits of a water flosser for teeth

It’s time to change the way you floss and switch to a water flosser for better results. Below are some benefits of water flossing that you can enjoy for strong and shiny teeth. 



Less abrasive

Water flossers are less abrasive. Abrasive flossers damage gums and tooth enamel, increasing sensitivity and may cause cuts that lead to gum infection. 


Improved gum health

Your gum health will drastically improve after using water flossers. Water flossers will wash out everything clinging to your gums and the inner corners of the teeth. It can keep you safe from damaging gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis.


Deep cleaning of the gums

A water flosser offers deep cleaning for your gums. The water reaches the periodontal pockets and clears any food particles and bacteria lodged in them. 


Ideal for dental appliances

Whether you’re using veneers, bridges, crowns or any other dental appliance, a water flosser is safe to use. Unlike traditional floss, water flossers make it easy to clean around veneers and braces etc. 


5 tips for effective use of water flossers


Bend over the sink

To have a mess-free experience with the water flosser, you need to bend over the sink to ensure the water doesn’t flow anywhere else and goes directly into the sink rather than the counter space or the floor.


Keep your mouth open

Don’t close your mouth when using the water flosser. You certainly don’t want to ingest the water or let it run all over you. The trick is to look straight into the mirror, so it doesn’t flow down your chin. 


beneficial teeth flossing water castle hillAdjust the pressure settings

You can adjust the water pressure of the flosser as per your comfort. Keep the pressure low initially and gradually increase it to your liking.

The setting of water pressure is different for everyone. It is common to feel ticklish, which resolves after a few days of use. 


Use water at room temperature 

The extreme range of temperatures can cause your gum tissue and teeth to be super sensitive and painful. It is best to use water that is lukewarm or at room temperature. 


Make it a habit

Set a routine of using a water flosser every day in the shower. It helps with ease of use since it makes no mess, as well as becomes a hygiene ritual. Every day when you take a bath, water flossing must be done too. Having a routine will help show tremendous improvement in your oral health. 


What else can you do to maintain oral health?

Dental floss alone cannot guarantee oral health. Below are some things you can incorporate into your oral care routine to enjoy a healthy mouth

  • Brush twice a day with toothpaste that is rich in fluoride 
  • If you have to smoke or drink alcohol, reduce it to the minimum
  • Control the intake of sugar and maintain a balanced diet
  • Keep track of dental health by scheduling regular visits with your dentist
  • Tend to broken, cracked or fractured teeth
  • Update any broken or outdated dental appliances
  • Inform your dentist immediately if you notice bleeding gums, frequent tooth pain, discoloured teeth or receding gums.

To know more about water flossing and its impact on dental health, book an appointment with Beyond Infinity Dental or call (02) 8806 3799.








Is flossing or water picking better for you?

Is it more effective to floss teeth with water floss or standard dental floss?




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