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Dental Background


Sleep Dentistry


Sleep dentistry is a revolutionary treatment for patients who experience high levels of anxiety with dental treatments and procedures.

Sleep dentistry refers to dental treatment that is completed while you are ‘asleep’. This very advanced form of sedation works by administering a combination of sedatives and pain relief medication in order to send patients into a special state of sleep.

Feel Calm, Relaxed & Unaware

This stage of sleep is most comparable to the dream state where you feel calm, relaxed and unaware of your external surroundings. Within this state of sleep, you will not be able to hear any noise, feel any pain or experience any discomfort, waking from the procedure calm.

High level of anxiety can often discourage patients from seeking dental treatment and prevents them from maintaining good oral health. This treatment can help both dentist and patient combined, allowing patients to remain calm and the dentist to carry out the procedure with clear focus and accuracy knowing their patient is comfortable.

Positive Benefits of Sleep Dentistry include

  1. Comfort – Patients are assured that they will not experience any discomfort associated with long and complex procedures.
  2. Safety – Patients will be comfortable knowing that their procedure is being managed with specific  equipment and administered by those professionally qualified and experienced.
  3. Time-effectiveness – Patients will be able to have most to all necessary dental treatments completed in one session rather than multiple visits.


We use a sedative that is in the same class of drugs as sleeping pills called benzodiazepines.

First, a plastic cannula is placed in your vein, then the drugs are injected.

The sedation is completed in the dental chair where you will receive your dental treatment. Various monitors are placed on you to ensure your safety.

The sedation lasts as long as required for the procedure. Some people may feel sleepy for a few hours after sedation because of the by-products of the drugs.

Recovery is usually within half an hour of the procedures ending. Once the patient is able to communicate and walk safely we allow them to go home.

Yes, for safety reasons, you must be accompanied by a responsible adult to leave the practice.

Disclaimer: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner

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