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Castle Hill Orthodontics

With many options available today, an increasing number of adult patients who were put off by the unsightly metal braces and lengthy treatment times in the past are now discovering the benefits of undergoing cutting-edge Castle Hill Orthodontics in order to achieve the smile they really want.

Nowadays, there is no stigma surrounding orthodontic braces and in fact, it is one reason why more and more adults are seeking the services of a dentist or orthodontist for braces treatment.

There are various types of adult braces Castle Hill patients can choose from, so let’s take a closer look at how the team at Beyond Infinity Dental in Sydney NSW, can help.

Types of braces in Castle Hill 2154 include:

Conventional braces

These can either be metal or tooth-coloured wiring, and are fixed to the front of the teeth via small brackets. Conventional bracket and wire style braces in Castle Hill are primarily used for long-term treatments typically lasting 18 months or more.

Fast braces in Castle Hill

In addition to long-term fixed braces, patients can also use orthodontic braces for small cosmetic corrections. These are carried out using accelerated or fast braces treatment. Typically orthodontics treatments of this nature take 6 months or less.

Lingual braces

Another form of adult braces in Castle Hill are lingual braces. These follow the same ‘bracket and wire style’ principle except now, they are placed behind the teeth. This means that they can’t be seen by other people.

Clear aligners such as Invisalign

Unlike all other types of adult braces in Castle Hill which are permanently fixed for the duration of your treatment, Invisalign offers a removable option that does away with brackets and wiring altogether. Worn over the teeth like a mouthguard, their clear plastic design makes them very discreet. Click here to find out more about Invisalign.

Interested in adult braces in Castle Hill? How can our Castle Hill orthodontics team help?

Getting any kind of braces in Castle Hill is an easy, comfortable, and rewarding experience. Our highly experienced cosmetic dentists will assess your teeth and recommend the best treatment option for you.

Considering the multiple adult orthodontic options available including cosmetic fast braces, Castle Hill patients won’t feel overwhelmed.

Our highly experienced team at Beyond Infinity Dental will talk you through your dentistry options and help you to choose the right appliances for you; taking into account comfort, appearance and cost.

Some of the benefits of choosing Castle Hill orthodontics with Beyond Infinity Dental include:

  • Our modern dental clinic
  • Use of the latest technology & techniques
  • Comfortable treatment
  • A wide range of adult orthodontics available
  • An experienced dental team who guide you through the whole process and finally…
  • Quality care

It’s never too late to want straighter teeth. Contact the team at Beyond Infinity Dental today and talk to us about our range of adult Castle Hill orthodontics treatments. While there are many varying factors to consider when choosing the correct orthodontic treatment we recommend a consultation with our dentists at Beyond Infinity Dental to discuss your options. Call today to let us help you on your way to a great looking, straighter smile!

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