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Broken Teeth (Cracked or Chipped Teeth)

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Cracked Chipped Teeth Treatment
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Cracked and Chipped Teeth

Although the surface of teeth (enamel) is known to be quite strong, they can become weak over time as a result of dental decay (cavities), teeth grinding, general wear and even direct trauma. These problems lead to cracks and chips in teeth and can even lead to more serious dental conditions.

Causes of Cracked & Chipped Teeth:

The most common cause of cracked and chipped teeth is trauma – whether it be an unexpected fall or injury while playing sport, direct trauma to the teeth can not only cause damage such as a chip or crack but also be the cause of a severe toothache and pain.

If you are suffering from pain or have a damaged tooth that affects the appearance of your smile, get in touch with our experienced team who can repair or fix your broken tooth. Call us now or book online today!

Treatment (Repair Broken Teeth)

At Beyond Infinity Dental, we have multiple options to repair a broken tooth. The treatment required to fix a cracked, chipped or broken tooth will really depend on the extent of damage. Treatments for tooth repair include:

If left untreated:

A variety of complications and further problems can arise as a result of a broken tooth:

  • Loss of self-esteem (if the appearance of the smile is affected)
  • Tooth fracture or splitting
  • Sensitivity
  • Toothache and pain
  • Tooth or gum infection

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