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Crooked Teeth

Beyond Infinity Dental - Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth refer to teeth that are in a wrong, unsightly position and often accompanied by a bad bite where the top and bottom teeth do not come into contact correctly.

The reasons for crooked and misaligned teeth often include

  • Genetics or Hereditary
  • Poor habits eg thumb sucking or anterior tongue thrust
  • Overcrowding from a small, underdeveloped jaw


At Beyond Infinity Dental, we offer the following treatments for crooked and misaligned teeth:

If left untreated:

Health concerns such as Gum disease may develop from misaligned and crooked teeth due to the difficulty of toothbrush bristles getting into affected areas.

Misaligned teeth can also affect the positioning of the jaw and contribute to TMD (temporomandibular dysfunction). TMD can heavily affect the way an individual speaks and chews.

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Crooked Teeth

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