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Early Interceptive Orthodontics

Root Canal Treatment

Does your child have crooked teeth at young age?

There might be a bigger problem more than just teeth! If diagnosed and treated early in life, it can often avoid lengthy treatment in the future, and most importantly, better quality of life!

Orthodontics Means Moving Teeth.

But what’s more important is the jaws, the foundation of all teeth. If the position, shape, and size of the jaw is wrong, it will not only cause crooked teeth, but also have significant adverse effect on the airway and jaw joints.

It is not uncommon to find kids (or even adults!) who suffer from obstructive airway experience excessive daytime sleepiness, poor concentration, decrease learning ability, bed wetting and the list goes on.

The Golden Time for Orthodontic Assessment

While age of 7 is the golden time for orthodontic assessment, we encourage all parents to bring your kids to our surgery as early as possible to identify any functional problems that affect jaw development.

If treatment is required and started before they reach their growth spurt, we can guide the jaw development with oral appliances to make teeth straightening (if required) much easier later down the track.

The days of “wait till all adult teeth comes out” is over!

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