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6 Compelling Reasons to Consider Sleep Dentistry

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6 Compelling Reasons to Consider Sleep Dentistry


It’s only natural to feel a little nervous before visiting your family dentist but have you considered easing your stress with sleep dentistry

According to a study carried out by the University of Adelaide, 5 per cent of the Australian population suffer from dental phobia. In some cases, it puts people off from visiting the dentist altogether, although they know that they need to do so.

Here at Beyond Infinity Dental, we want to ensure that a visit to our clinic is as pleasant as it can be. Whether you have a severe dental phobia or simply dislike someone working on your teeth, sleep dentistry could provide a helpful solution to your anxiety.


So, what exactly is sleep dentistry?

Sleep dentistry is also known as dental sedation and has varying levels of medical administration which are chosen according to the needs of the patient. They include


  • Minimal sedation (laughing gas) – This makes a person feel calm, relaxed, and in a happy place – sleepy but sufficiently awake to respond to their dentist 
  • Moderate or conscious sedation enables a patient to remain awake but unlikely to feel or remember anything about their treatment
  • Deep sedation places the patient on the edge of consciousness but can still be woken up quickly if necessary
  • Finally, placing a patient under general anaesthetic means that they remain asleep for the duration of the procedure. This level of sedation usually takes place in a hospital setting for safety. 


explained sleep dentistry six reasons castle hillAt Beyond Infinity Dental we provide IV (Intravenous Sedation) which involves having a sedative injected into the body via a vein. It can be used for practically all dental treatments and is a perfect choice for nervous adult patients, those undergoing a lengthy or complex procedure, or those wanting to avoid the noise and vibration of the drill. It’s fast becoming one of our most commonly requested dental services.

It can take up to 30 minutes for a patient to recover from this method of sedation which is why we ask that a responsible adult accompanies them to the clinic and takes them home.

So, now you know all about dental sedation why not take a look at 6 compelling reasons to consider sleep dentistry for future dental treatments


  • Times goes faster – Sedation dentistry puts you in a state of relaxation so that treatment passes like a flash. Knowing that you’re feeling comfortable right from the beginning, enables our dentist to focus on treatment and complete the procedure in less time. 
  • Controls a gag reflexIf you have a sensitive gag reflex, check-ups and dental procedures probably give you the urge to choke or splutter whenever anything is placed in the mouth. This can make even a simple alginate impression unbearable. Sleep dentistry such as IV will paralyse your gagging response for the duration of the treatment and means that the risk of complications occurring is minimised. 
  • Multiple procedures If you have extensive teeth damage, you may need several dental treatments to fix it. Performing multiple procedures in one go can be distressing for many patients and others may find it uncomfortable sitting still for a long period of time. Dental sedation helps to keep a patient calm and relaxed. In other words, your dentist can perform multiple treatments in one longer treatment while you take a ‘nap.’ Not only will you benefit from lower costs and fewer visits, but getting everything done in one go, will culminate in shorter recovery time.
  • Keep your oral health on track It’s easier to maintain your smile when it’s healthy. Thanks to sleep dentistry, you’ll be able to receive treatment for any ongoing dental problems without worrying about the problem escalating into something more serious (and costly) or spreading to other teeth. With preventative care such as six-monthly check-ups and cleans, you can keep disease and new cavities at bay. 
  • Improves patient co-operation – Another important aspect to be considered across a variety of dental services is patient cooperation. Overstressed patients are unwittingly uncooperative unless they are sedated during treatment. Also, sedation limits a patient’s movements which is important if your dentist is carrying out intricate work that needs a steady hand. Sudden jolts can make it impossible to carry out certain dental treatments if the patient isn’t sedated.
  • It could change your perceptive Many of our patients find their experience to be such a positive one, they no longer feel the need for anti-anxiety medication for every visit. 


Best of all, you can request sleep dentistry at any time. Whether you need to have a wisdom tooth removed, a dental implant placed, or just a small filling, this option is available upon request. Just be sure to bring a list of any medications you’re currently taking and inform us of any underlying health concerns, so we can be sure dental sedation is a suitable option for you. 


Why Wait?

Our dentists are highly experienced in dealing with sleep dentistry. Sedation is administered in the dentist’s chair and various monitors will be placed on you to ensure your complete safety. 

Don’t keep putting off the dental treatment you need. Instead, book an appointment with Beyond Infinity Dental and mention at the time of booking that you are a nervous patient and would like to be sedated throughout your treatment. To find out more about sleep dentistry or any of our other dental services, get in touch with Beyond Infinity Dental today. Call us now at (02) 8806 3799.

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