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What Does National Dental Plan Offers – Why Is It Created?

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What Does National Dental Plan Offers – Why Is It Created?


The National Dental Plan has been created to suit both patients and dentists by alleviating the financial burden of paying for dental treatment by allowing patients to spread the cost over time. At Beyond Infinity Dental, we are pleased to be a part of the National Dental Plan so that we can offer our dental services to all patients. Read on to learn more about the National Dental Plan.


What is the National Dental Plan?

The National Dental Plan is a financial service that allows you to spread the cost of dental treatment over several months to ease the economic strain. And best of all, it is also the only payment plan in Australia that is completely interest free, so you only pay for the work you receive.


How Does the National Dental Plan Work?

The National Dental Plan is powered by HUMM and has been designed to be straightforward and easy to use. Simply fill out the application form which can be done either at reception, through the HUMM website or with the HUMM app and you can receive approval in minutes. Patients can apply for up to $12,000 to cover the cost of any dental treatment.

Once you have received approval for your requested amount, you will be given a payment plan structured to make payments as easy as possible. The National Payment Plan payment structure is simple to understand and consists of the cost of the dental treatment, as well as an initial establishment fee to set up your account, fortnightly processing fees and an account keeping fee paid monthly, all of which is spread across your number of installments. And, if you want to pay off your treatment earlier than planned, there are no early exit fees.


Who is Eligible to Apply for the National Dental Plan?

The National Dental Plan was created to make high quality dental treatment accessible to all patients. To be eligible to apply for the National Dental Plan payment scheme, patients need to meet a few simple criteria.

dental services national dental plan castle hill


Patients must be at least 18 years old and be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident with a valid Australian driver’s licence.

National Dental Plan applicants also need to have an active Australian bank account or credit card and be currently employed (or self-employed), though Aged and Veterans pensioners are also eligible to apply.


What is Covered by the National Dental Plan?

The National Dental Plan covers the cost of the full range of dental treatments available at Beyond Infinity Dental up to $12,000. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Porcelain veneers to cover cosmetic flaws like crookedness or discolouration
  • Teeth whitening and professional cleaning to lighten your teeth by several shades
  • Root canal treatment to remove infected pulp
  • Wisdom teeth extraction to remove impacted wisdom teeth and prevent infection and alignment issues
  • Gum rejuvenation to repair receding and infected gums
  • Sleep dentistry which allows anxious patients to undergo dental treatment stress-free
  • Crowns and bridges to replace missing teeth
  • Dentures to replace entire missing arches
  • Dental implants which use state-of-the-art technology to permanently replace missing teeth
  • Braces  and clear aligners to correct alignment issues, crowding and crooked teeth


How the National Dental Plan Can Benefit You

For some patients, the prospect of dental treatment can seem stressful due to the cost of receiving treatment. While we aim to provide affordable dental procedures to all our patients, often, people do not have enough money put aside in their budget to cover the cost of elective or emergency dental procedures.

Unfortunately, for many patients, prolonging the time before you go for dental treatment can make dental problems worse and may require more invasive and expensive dental work. The National Dental Plan allows to you book your dental treatment immediately and slowly pay off the cost in small fortnightly or monthly interest free installments. It is even applicable for major dental surgeries such as dental implants and cosmetic dental services, including veneers.

The convenient fortnightly or monthly installments mean that you won’t need to take out a loan or go into debt to cover the cost of your dental treatment which protects your credit score and alleviates the stress associated with purchases that stretch your budget.


Why Choose the National Dental Plan Over Private Health Insurance?

Unfortunately, most dental procedures are not covered by Medicare, and patients with private health insurance often do not have comprehensive coverage for a wide range of dental treatments especially cosmetic dental procedures.

The National Dental Plan allows you to pay for the cost of dental treatment up front to the dentist and pay off in installments that are best suited to your financial situation. This means that you can receive any dental treatment you need, regardless of whether you have coverage under your private health fund.


Final Thoughts

At Beyond Infinity Dental, we are proud to participate in the National Dental Plan so we can provide outstanding quality dental services for all our patients. If you are interested in learning more about how to finance your dental treatment, call Beyond Infinity Dental on (02) 8806 3799 to talk to our friendly staff about how the National Dental Plan can help you finance your dental treatment and help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

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