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How to Clean Electric Toothbrush? Tips To Keep Them In The Long Run

how to clean electric toothbrush castle hill

How to Clean Electric Toothbrush? Tips To Keep Them In The Long Run


Your electric toothbrush does the important job of removing plaque and bacteria from your teeth and tongue, but how do you get it off your toothbrush? Knowing how to clean an electric toothbrush is an essential part of your oral hygiene and it needs to be undertaken on a regular basis. Let’s take a look at the dos and don’ts.


Why Cleaning Electric Toothbrushes Matters?

Your mouth is full of bacteria and the balance of bacteria increases during the day and at night when you are asleep. Once you remove it from your mouth, it is on your electric toothbrush and needs to be removed. Not only that, but your bathroom probably also has bacteria present in the air. How close is your basin to your toilet?


Tips On How To Clean Electric Toothbrush


Make sure you give it a good rinse

Rinsing your electric toothbrush with hot water before and after you brush is the most fundamental way to keep it clean.

tips how to clean electric toothbrush castle hillThis will remove any bacteria that may have settled on it overnight. It also ensures that any debris you have brushed out of your mouth can be removed.

To do this, run your toothbrush under hot water before you squeeze the toothpaste out. Once you have finished brushing run it under the hot water again. This will remove any built-up toothpaste and prevent it from drying on your toothbrush.

Do not use boiling water for this, as it can cause damage to the bristles and plastic components. Never boil your toothbrush, as this can damage it irreparably.


Soak it

If you have been ill or want to make sure you give your electric toothbrush a deeper clean you can soak it in antibacterial mouthwash for a few minutes after rinsing. While this is an effective way to remove any traces of bacteria it is worth noting that it may cause the brustled on your brush to wear down faster.

You may also consider a denture cleaner for your toothbrush. Denture cleaner is also antimicrobial and can give your bristles a much deeper clean. You must use a clean solution for this; do not reuse any denture cleaner that you have used on your dentures. To do this, you can dissolve half of a denture-cleaning tablet in some water and soak the head of your toothbrush in it for about 90 seconds. Make sure you rinse your toothbrush thoroughly afterwards.


Use the UV sanitiser

Some electric toothbrushes come with a UV sanitiser to keep them clean. If yours doesn’t try one of the methods above for a deeper clean.


How To Store Electric Toothbrushes?

The way you store your toothbrush has an effect on its cleanliness. 


Store it in a hydrogen peroxide solution

You can store your toothbrush head in a hydrogen peroxide solution while it is not in use. This is an effective way to sanitise it. You should use a new solution every day, otherwise, the bacteria will grow in the solution.


Separate your electric toothbrushes

If you live in a household with other people you shouldn’t store toothbrushes side by side. Each toothbrush should have its own storage cup and they should be kept some distance away from one another.


Don’t store your toothbrush close to the toilet

Every time your toilet is flushed it can release bacteria into the air. If your toothbrush is too close, it can become a target. Keep the toilet seat down when it is not being used. If possible, keep your toothbrush in a closed cabinet, or as far away from your toilet as possible.


Clean your toothbrush cup

Whatever you are using to store electric toothbrushes in needs to be kept clean too. That’s because it’s very easy to transfer bacteria from your toothbrush into the container that holds it. You should do this a minimum of every two weeks.


Don’t cover your toothbrush head unless it is dry

You do not need to cover your toothbrush head but if you choose to do so, you need to make sure that it is dry first. If not, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria.


Be careful when dispensing toothpaste

It is possible to transfer bacteria from your toothbrush to your toothpaste tube if they come into contact with one another. If you can’t help but bring them into contact, consider using a toothpaste dispenser for a more hygienic experience. 


When To Replace Your Electric Toothbrush Head?

dos donts how to clean electric toothbrush castle hillKnowing when to replace your toothbrush head is part of maintaining your toothbrush. When the bristles are too worn they can no longer do an effective job at cleaning your teeth. They may also feel scratchy and abrasive on your gums. You know it’s time to replace your toothbrush head when

  • The bristles appear worn. This usually happens every three months or so, but if you notice it starting to happen sooner, it could be an indication that you are brushing too hard.
  • Someone in your family has been ill. If someone in your household has had an infectious disease, a cold or the flu, you should change your toothbrush head as it could spread the infection among family members.
  • Someone else has used your toothbrush. You should not use someone else’s toothbrush or let them use yours. If this happens, it’s time to replace the head.


Electric toothbrushes can make your oral hygiene routine much more efficient and effective. They do need to be kept properly clean to make a consistent difference to your oral health. If you do not remove the bacteria from your electric toothbrush you will simply transfer it back into your mouth the next time you brush.



To find out more about how to clean an electric toothbrush, please contact us for an appointment: (02) 8806 3799.

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