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Dental Implants Overseas – Good Idea or Risky Strategy?

dental implants overseas castle hill

Dental Implants Overseas – Good Idea or Risky Strategy?


Dental implants are without a doubt the gold standard of missing teeth replacement offering a near-permanent, hassle-free, and lifelike solution to replace lost teeth. Yet despite this, some patients are reluctant to receive treatment because of the costs involved. This is understandable when dental treatments in Australia don’t come cheap and that is why thousands of people are looking for treatment alternatives and seeking out dental implants overseas. A dentist that offers free consultation can help you with any questions you might have about the implants procedure.


So just how cheap can dental implants overseas actually be?

The reality is that in some cases, particularly in destinations like India, Thailand, Malaysia and Bali, for instance, the price for a dental implant can be as much as 70% less. 

When you consider that the average price of undergoing dental implants treatment here in Australia is somewhere between $2000 and $7000 per tooth, those who venture abroad for their dental treatment could be saving themselves thousands of dollars. 

But before you start searching the internet for the best flights to Bangkok, it’s well worth considering the implications or risks involved in undergoing a dental implants overseas. Let’s take a closer look at them in more detail.


Risk factor #1 – Differing standards (possibly)

Here in Australia, the dental industry is strictly regulated. So when you opt for a dental implant here at home, you know that your dentist will be highly trained, will operate under a certain standard of professional conduct as regulated by the Australian Dental Association, and will ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and infection control

Of course, we’re not suggesting that dentists overseas aren’t fully trained or don’t have standards or guidelines they need to follow. What we are saying is that those standards or guidelines, although acceptable for the country they pertain to – aren’t necessarily as high as those back here in Australia. In fact, Australia has some of the strictest standards anywhere in the world.  

So what does this mean for someone seeking out dental implants overseas

While it’s true that some dental hospitals or clinics operate under exceptional standards, these aren’t normally the ones offering dirt-cheap dental implants. Remember, this involves a surgical treatment so you should always consider your health and safety as well as the cost-saving.


Risk factor #2 – Lost in translation

risk factors dental implants overseas castle hillWhile many clinics offering overseas dental implant surgery will have someone that speaks English, it might not be their first language. Inevitably, this can prove difficult when trying to explain the finer details of why you want dental implants and what you are hoping to expect. Likewise, the language barrier can also make it easy for important instructions such as aftercare or follow-up instructions to become misconstrued.

In other words, they become lost in translation. When you’ve invested your hard-earned cash into travelling overseas to undergo dental implants, you don’t want to be visiting a dentist back home sometime later with a problem because you misunderstood vital aftercare or follow-up instructions.

If you are intent on getting a dental implant overseas, then always opt for a reputable dental hospital or clinic that has an English speaking team. This way, if you have any questions or concerns, or need to understand vital information, then there shouldn’t be an issue.


Risk factor #3 – Time factors

Here’s the thing… When people consider dental treatments abroad, it’s usually because they need multiple treatments. Typically they don’t book an 8+ hour return flight for a single dental implant. Even when they do, they may still need further treatment such as bone grafting etc. The issue with this is that in an ideal world and for best practice, treatments should be spread out over a period of weeks or months to allow for proper healing etc.

The problem with this is that when undergoing multiple treatments overseas like dental implants, patients can typically only visit for a limited time. Most lead busy lives and have commitments back here in Australia with jobs, families, etc. Inevitably, the clinic providing dental implants will have a relatively short window of opportunity to carry out the treatment. Sometimes these time restraints can be at the detriment to the patient. 

As a top tip, if you are considering travelling abroad to get dental implants, consider booking an open-ended ticket. This way, any healing time can be properly observed before the next stage of treatment is carried out. 


Risk factor #4 – Grounds for recourse

Dentists here in Australia are bound by certain rules and regulations. By this, we mean that if anything goes wrong with your dental implant (and it can) then they are bound by law to further investigate the problem. If it’s deemed a fault of the clinic, then it is down to them to correct the mistake or problem at no further cost to you.

Now let’s say the same scenario occurred when you recently underwent dental implant treatment overseas. Do you have any grounds for recourse? Even if you do, then there’s still the small matter of having to pay out for a return flight, not to mention the inconvenience of having to make unexpected travel arrangements. Why don’t you book a free consultation at your local dental clinic for an initial assessment?


Final thoughts

When considering dental implant treatment abroad, it’s well worth considering all scenarios rather than simply considering the cost savings. If after doing so, you feel that getting dental implants overseas has too many risky implications, then you may be better off experiencing a high standard of treatment back here in Australia. Treatment that comes without the stress, worry, and hassle of travelling abroad.

Here at Beyond Infinity Dental, we can also help financially, because we offer our patients payment plans allowing them to spread the cost of many treatments including dental implants over a number of weeks or months – Interest-free! Call today to schedule a free consultation. 

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