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Dental Background
Tine Dental Nurse

Dental Nurse



Tina was born and raised in Australia. Tina has a Croatian background and speaks Croatian fluently.

Tina gained her passion for dentistry after completing years of orthodontic treatment herself. Due to Tina’s positive dental experience, she gained confidence in her smile and wanted to share and create that same self-confidence for her patients. Tina loves nothing more than to see her patients happy and smiling after their dental experience at Beyond Infinity Dental.

Tina has a great passion for oral health and believes that dental education is vital to all individuals to ensure not only oral health but a healthy lifestyle too. Tina hopes not only to see her patients transform their smile but to transform their life.

In her spare time, Tina enjoys spending time with her family and friends along with reading novels, travelling and living a healthy lifestyle by attending the gym regularly.

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