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Dr Jeni Chuang

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Dr Jeni Chuang

Dental Background
Dr Jeni



Dr Jeni Chuang

After completing her Bachelor of Neuroscience at the University of Otago, Dr. Jeni Chuang went on to complete a Doctor of Dental Surgery at the Univesity of Melbourne in 2015.

Dr. Jeni enjoys all aspects of dentistry and has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry. She considers the best part of her job as having the privilege to help people smile confidently. This confidence can come in the form of a fresh breath, whiter teeth or complete smile redesign. It varies for everyone and it is her passion to help each person find their smile.

Growing up on a small rose farm in New Zealand, Jeni developed an appreciation for aesthetics while establishing a strong work ethic early on. Having undergone orthognathic surgery herself, she believes in the importance of treating the face as a whole to establish harmony and balance when promoting oral health.

As a very caring dentist, Dr. Jeni is determined to take on the challenge of helping anxious patients feel relaxed in the dental chair. She practices minimal intervention dentistry and frequently attends professional development courses held all over Australia to keep up to date with the latest advances in dentistry.