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Dental Superannuation – Pay For Your Dental Care With Superannuation

You probably know that you can apply for early release of your superannuation fund if you meet compassionate needs or if you are under severe financial hardship, but did you know that you can also apply for early release of your superannuation fund to pay for dental treatment? Known as dental superannuation it enables you to pay for much needed dental or orthodontic treatment for you and your family.

Funding assistance for dental procedures using superannuation is something that has been offered for many years, but unfortunately, not many people are aware of it. We feel that as a caring and conscientious dentist, we want to bring it to your attention.

It’s fair to say that many dental procedures are expensive here in Australia and it’s estimated that as many as 2 million Australians avoid visiting the dentist for treatment each year because of the costs involved. Here at Beyond Infinity Dental, our experienced team can work closely with you to help you utilise your superannuation to alleviate much of the stress, anxiety, or uncertainty surrounding the associated costs of such treatments.

Dental superannuation – What it covers?

Early release of your superannuation can cover a wide range of surgical dental treatments including…


Braces or orthodontics can do a lot more than straighten up a smile. They can also be used as a corrective procedure for health purposes such as a badly misaligned bite. If you or your family need corrective treatment due to bite problems affecting your health, then you could well be entitled to dental superannuation release.

Dental implants

While dental implants are often seen as a cosmetic choice to replace missing teeth, there are times when they may be a necessity – often when teeth are knocked out either through a blow or accident and cannot be replaced, or through surgical removal due to health reasons. For these reasons, early release of your superannuation may be considered.

General dentistry

Procedures such as dental check-ups and cleaning, fillings, root canal treatment, gum disease treatment, teeth extraction including wisdom teeth, and denture fitting, may all be covered under dental superannuation depending upon the circumstances

Endodontic therapy

Endodontic root canal procedures can be pretty costly depending upon the degree of treatment. You’ll be pleased to learn, therefore, that many endodontic procedures are covered by your dental superannuation.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery

When a patient suffers oral defects due to disease or injury, it often calls for the expertise of an oral or maxillofacial surgeon. Usually and understandably, procedures involving dental specialists such as these can cost a lot of money. In many circumstances, a patient might be covered under the terms of dental superannuation.


When dental crowns are used to prevent further injury or protect a tooth, particularly after root canal treatment, it’s a necessary added cost to bear. Fortunately, in particular cases, dental superannuation release can help to alleviate some of that cost.

As you can see, there are several costly dental procedures or scenarios which may be covered under the terms of superannuation and ultimately, this process makes it easier for many Australians to receive the treatment they need.

Accessing superannuation for dental work – Here’s how it’s done

When it comes to accessing your super for dental procedures and treatments, you might be wondering if you’re eligible or not. The good news is that all Australians have the right to apply for dental superannuation release on compassionate grounds to help pay for treatments for the individual or for their family.

If you are considering releasing some of your superannuation payments to pay for your treatment, then you should come and talk to us. Here at Beyond Infinity Dental, we have access to providers who specialise in assisting people with the early release of their superannuation.

These are friendly and experienced teams who will take care of the application and lodging process for you. They are trained to be discreet and won’t bombard you with personal questions other than those necessary to understanding your financial situation.

The whole process takes around 14 days before you receive a letter of approval and the provider will keep you updated throughout the whole waiting period for total peace-of-mind.

Good dental care is essential for everyday living, including your overall health and self-esteem. This includes disease prevention such as diabetes, dementia, heart disease and strokes. Yet many Australians are avoiding necessary dental work due to cost. At Beyond Infinity Dental we recognise the importance of a healthy smile and want to make dental treatment affordable for all. For this reason, talk to us about accessing superannuation for dental work and let your dental superannuation help you to get the treatment you and your family need. Call us today on (02) 9159 6237.

Dental superannuation release – Other frequently asked questions

Are there limitations on the amount of dental superannuation I can withdraw?

In a word, no! There are no restrictions on how much super you can withdraw. You are eligible to withdraw the amount required for your treatment, however large or small an amount it may be.

I don’t have sufficient super – Can I access another account?

Absolutely! If you don’t have sufficient superannuation left to cover the cost of your treatment it is possible to access the superannuation of your partner, spouse or other dependants as you see fit.

Can I use my super to pay for other’s treatments?

Again yes! It’s possible that you can assist other dependants to pay for their dental treatment using your superannuation fund. This includes the treatment of immediate family and non-immediate family members

Disclaimer: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner